Tuesday, January 13, 2009

memory fruit among other things

When i saw this yellow fruit sit on top of the piano today,
I thought i better took a photo before it all gone funny........
and i should also tell you a bit about our trip down Melbourne.

I had to warn you beforehand though, when i am telling a story or anything involve time, my grammar will be all over the place.
So on the safe side, i am not going to tell you the detail story of the next door neighbour's garage on fire at midnight........
or the caravan that we stayed in went live at on point...........
( the important thing is nobody was hurt and that's end of the story!)

What i would love to share with you is we had an incredibly calming and relaxing time catching up with friends.
The flys were incredibly easy and fast. it took only an hour and a bit instead of taking a whole day to drive down.
I figure out if we can plant more trees next time we will do it all over again!

To play with May and Conor's computer games( Conor is a game developer) and Kung Fu practice weapons is a dream comes true for young Gabriel!

My favourite part was walking around the lane ways of the Northcote neighbourhood with Kerry and her daughters.
Throughout the 1950s the area became home to a large number of Italian and Greek migrants. One of the things these groups of people did was planting fruit trees in their backyards. We spent a good 2 hours walking the Suburb picking and testing fruits hanging out the fences. A true urban hunting and gathering. I love it!!!!!

At the end of the gathering trip, Gabriel said he need to take a memory fruit home and here it is sitting right on top of the piano.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year Celebrations 09

We were back in time for the New Year Eve fireworks in Sydney.
The photos were all taken from the balcony in our apartment.

By now, mr. silvermonk had urged me to pull out my tripod ( Christmas present from Mr. Silvermonk) to take some crispy shots of the fireworks.
But then, who has the time, the fireworks only last for a few more minutes.........
I enjoy the un-predicted and abstract effect anyway, do you happen to see the peace doves effects......

We wish you a very happy and peaceful 2009!