Friday, September 13, 2013

Green Savvy Sunday

The Old Bus Depot markets is hosting a Green Savvy Sunday this Sunday (15th Sept ). After missing a few of Canberra's market, I will be participating in Canberra's first interactive market which brings together products and community groups focused on domestic green sustainable.

If you have not know already, we use recycled sterling silver for our handmade jewellery.
I purchase the raw material ( sterling silver ) from A&E  metal merchants in Sydney.

"We buy scrap metals from jewellers and hobbyists or from various industrial users of precious metals. This we have refined back to pure silver.  In addition we purchase metal from local refiners who specialise in supplying us with only recycled material,
All the copper we use for alloying is recycled and is the highest grade available, it comes from recycled copper wire, mainly electrical cabling that would otherwise go into landfill" ( A&E Metal Merchants )

Canberra, here i come......