Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The summer holiday is truly over . it was all a big "blur" for me! We almost spend the whole time stay at home and it turns out to be the most relxaing holiday we have for a long time.

We went to Bronte beach a few times and Gabriel absolutely love it! ( In his own words: " During the holidays, I went to the each and the beach was so fun. It was so fun that I wonted(wanted) to stay). He is still too scare to put his head in the water though. We are more of a bush people than the beach people, now that the young man having such a great time and let himself lose on the beach, may be we should do the same!

The new school term start today, young man will be in year 1 and i can't wait to have my 4 hrs un-interruped day between school and classes to concentrate on making some new designs!

I live mostly in my head so structure is good for me, keep me on the ground......

"Persistant" is the word for me this year!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Gabriel's Piano Practice

I practice using the video feature on the new Camera while Gabriel practice his piano.......

The recording sounds( piano ) pretty good. Gabriel said it sounds a bit like computer, and Dad said it chops off the high and low frequency ( what would i know about music!), but I am a bit let down by the quality of the video, it looks much better on our iMac.
In the end, it is still amazing without going through You tube!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Year New Design

New year, new design and photos taken by the new camera!
The holiday is over and i am getting straight back to my bench to enjoy the simple act of making.....

Coral, having such a vibrant red, is always my favourite, i would say is my stone!
I simply just cannot have Coral without Turquoise. And of course Turquoise is one of my favourite as well.

What about Spiral?
Spiral is such a timeless symbol, i will never get tire of creating it.
You are right , here is another new spiral design of mine using fine silver.

hope you enjoy it
happy weekend!

Friday, January 11, 2008

A walk in the neighbourhood

A walk in the neighbourhood, originally uploaded by silvermonk.

After dinner we went for a walk and kicked the ball in the park... I took this with our new Canon Camera! It even got a video mode. The technology has gone leaps and bounces, for less money and you got more features. ( Finger cross this one last longer, we don't want to buy a new camera every year!)

2007 has been a big year. Gabriel transited from Child care to Kindy He's been mature a lot and enjoy his school! That is a very good start considering he's got a good 16 years of schooling ahead of him and we only have his Kindy teacher Ms. Castano to thank for! Her love and care is so unbelievable, we wish her every success in her new school, the kids will miss her!

The best day of his Kindy yr according to him was the day when a stand by teacher took the whole class out to running around and around in circle in the playground........boys are boys, their growing body needs to move. At 6 and a bit , he is ready to go out and explore the world. He is no longer a mummy's boy and want to do boy's stuff with dad. I am really proud of him.

2007 has been a good year for me as well. I real thankful for my customers in the Kirribilli art and design market. I enjoy have a chat with them once a month and show off my new design. Market is a place where i see it as a good venue for community building!

Talking about community, who would think that you could make friends with people that you have never meet in person.... But i did make some friends through the blog, Flickr and the Etsy community. Friends, your comments , words of encouragement is much appreciated.

Of course Mr.Silvermonk is a big part of this, not only that he put foods on the table and put a roof over our head, he really put his trust in my art and support me ( while i am writing now, he is cleaning up the kitchen sink the minute he came in the door after seeing a client! )
I am really lucky!

Well, 2008 is ahead and already looking bright. I got my first wholesale today, up in the beautiful blue mountains.....

May 2008 be a year of peace in all fronts
God bless!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy 08

Happy 08, originally uploaded by silvermonk.

Happy new year friends!

This is my first Treasury. I was browsing the treasury and there was the treasury title box waiting for me to fill.........very surprise, no effort! . With so many talented artists on Etsy, It took me no time to put a list together....

I encourage you to check out all the wonderful works!

As you might aware i haven't taken any new photos for a while now because our camera just simply not working anymore! This is our second digital cameras and it only last for 3 years....Our previous cameras were Kodak and Nickon and i bet you this time i am going to go for Canon!

I've been doing some research on the net and pretty much make up my mind now.
Won't be too long before i post some new photos!