Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy 08

Happy 08, originally uploaded by silvermonk.

Happy new year friends!

This is my first Treasury. I was browsing the treasury and there was the treasury title box waiting for me to fill.........very surprise, no effort! . With so many talented artists on Etsy, It took me no time to put a list together....

I encourage you to check out all the wonderful works!

As you might aware i haven't taken any new photos for a while now because our camera just simply not working anymore! This is our second digital cameras and it only last for 3 years....Our previous cameras were Kodak and Nickon and i bet you this time i am going to go for Canon!

I've been doing some research on the net and pretty much make up my mind now.
Won't be too long before i post some new photos!

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msbelle said...

Don't know how you did it without a camera! I'd be having withdrawals!

Never did get a chance to pop over and say thank you for including me in this list. I commented on the list and on Flickr, but I needed to visit here as well!! So 'thank you'!!