Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kisses and Hugs!

A piece of jewellery inspired by nature, by the rock structures on the east coast of Australia.

During my Art School years, I used to take train trips down to Austinmer beach. It was a very small and quiet beach with some beautiful rock formations. I tried to find some of the photos that i took during all those trips to show you, but without any luck! Now you have to use your imagination........

Nature never cease to shower us with beauty and wisdom, in return we say thank you with kisses and hugs!

This pendant looks good on both man and woman. I really like the organic feel of it.
I think they are my new favourite until the next one.......

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hoping for Sunshine

There is plenty of rain and i am hoping for sunshine.
i am all for colours at the moment.

( The dam is almost full and i can have my shower as long as i like.......)

With the young man back to school, i got my structure back and hence got more times on my hand, here are some of my new creations with colourful beads, just to lift the spirit!

These coral and turquoise fine silver earrings are kind of deep ocean creatures!
I didn't plan out to made one, they were just came alived during the process

This is another spiral of mine hand-formed from fine silver sheet. I really like to work with fine silver sheet, it is soft enough to manipulate and strong enough to hold its shape!

A big thanks to all my friends and customers in Kirribilli Market last weekend!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Heart you all the way........

January went pass without a trace.The young man finally settled in in the new school term. I am glad that he got to stay with some of his friends in the new class. Now that he is in safe hands, jumping, running and learning (he announced that they are going to learn spelling in the whole yr 1 ), I sat down on my work bench happily working away.......

Love is all we need!
We need it for 365 days.
I pray that you receive the love that embeded in the cross!

These are my offerings for the February Valentine's day!
Hope you all enjoy it.

I will be in the Kirribilli Art and Design Market this weekend (sun, 10 Feb), rain or shine. My stall and most of the stalls are under cover in the tunnel As always, I will bring a lot of new designs with me to the market.

You can also join in the Chinese New Year Parade in the Darling harbour to Celebrate the Year of the Rat.

I was born in the Year of the OX. Young man was born in the year of snake! Mr. Silvermonk is the monkey in the house and he is in charge of fun!
What a cool OX, i will take all that.......

we all wish you a happy Chinese new year!
And a nice weekend!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Gabriel's favourite food

The first week back to school turns out to be a bit too much for the young man. The school's air con broke down in the hottest day of the summer and there are 40 kids in a class.......

He still did not know which class he's in and they swapped the student around to get the best combination before they spit it into 2 classes. Before the end of last term, they asked each children who did they want to be in the same class in year 1. Gabriel put down 4 names and I hope they will honour that.

It all end up a bit teary before dinner, so i put my "mummy's hat" on and cooked his favourite dinner~dumplings, and finished with his favourite desert ~mango, chocolate and yoghurt........

And the world is a nice place again~afterall......