Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hoping for Sunshine

There is plenty of rain and i am hoping for sunshine.
i am all for colours at the moment.

( The dam is almost full and i can have my shower as long as i like.......)

With the young man back to school, i got my structure back and hence got more times on my hand, here are some of my new creations with colourful beads, just to lift the spirit!

These coral and turquoise fine silver earrings are kind of deep ocean creatures!
I didn't plan out to made one, they were just came alived during the process

This is another spiral of mine hand-formed from fine silver sheet. I really like to work with fine silver sheet, it is soft enough to manipulate and strong enough to hold its shape!

A big thanks to all my friends and customers in Kirribilli Market last weekend!


msbelle said...

These are so beautiful! I love all your new work!

I'm passing on the "Make my Day" Award to you! I just love visiting your blog and seeing all your cool work, as well as hearing about Gabriel!! If you want to pass on an award of your own the details are on my blog! :D

(As far as I'm concerned though, you don't have to award anyone. I know how tiresome games like this can be and especially blog tag of which I've been tagged 3 times recently. It's like a chain letter.)

SilverMonk Design said...

thanks Ginger for the Award, what a surprise!
Your comments are so much appreciated!
I enjoy visiting your blog as well. ( I am going to pass on this award back to you, thanks Ginger for " Make my day")