Friday, February 08, 2008

Heart you all the way........

January went pass without a trace.The young man finally settled in in the new school term. I am glad that he got to stay with some of his friends in the new class. Now that he is in safe hands, jumping, running and learning (he announced that they are going to learn spelling in the whole yr 1 ), I sat down on my work bench happily working away.......

Love is all we need!
We need it for 365 days.
I pray that you receive the love that embeded in the cross!

These are my offerings for the February Valentine's day!
Hope you all enjoy it.

I will be in the Kirribilli Art and Design Market this weekend (sun, 10 Feb), rain or shine. My stall and most of the stalls are under cover in the tunnel As always, I will bring a lot of new designs with me to the market.

You can also join in the Chinese New Year Parade in the Darling harbour to Celebrate the Year of the Rat.

I was born in the Year of the OX. Young man was born in the year of snake! Mr. Silvermonk is the monkey in the house and he is in charge of fun!
What a cool OX, i will take all that.......

we all wish you a happy Chinese new year!
And a nice weekend!


abowlofbeads said...

Happy chinese new year Chimin! You have very pretty designs! Hope you had a good market day this weekend.

msbelle said...

You and I are both the Year of the Ox as is my mother who was born in 1925. I don't know how I measure up to the statement on what I'm supposed to be. I'm loyal, yes. But I'm not very organised!!!

All your hearts are just divine! :)

Happy Valentine's Day to you and Gabriel!

SilverMonk Design said...

thanks guys!

Yes Ginger, I am very loyal too but definitely not patience enough!

I bet you we are born in the same month as well! (May!?)