Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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Yes, that's right!

Just want to keep you inform of my new designs, sales and give away.......
All it needs is your name and e_mail address, nothing more and you can always unsubscribe from the list!

I promise I will not flood your inbox with marketing junk. If i get my act together, then it will only be once a month newsletter affair........

And if you join in the Month of August, you are in a run to win a $50 coupon to spend in my online shop.

I will let the Birthday Boy (Young man turning 7 in August ) do the Lucky Draw and the winner will be published here!

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You can watch Youngman learning his new piece here

Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Local River" Mathieu Lehanneur with Anthony van den Bossche

How cool is that!
Love the whole concept, the music, the video editing, the herbs, the glass tank .........

but not the eel though........

I will definitely replace the eel with a different type of fish if i am installing one in my living room!

Click on the Title to go to the Artist website!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Web banner

SilverMonk Web Banner

I have been contemplating of redesign my web banner for a while now. My style have been changed or should I say "evolved" quite a bit since i first started. I found out from Etsy forum that you can use power point to made a web banner, and here it is!

After i uploaded my web banner to my site and have a peek at the Etsy Treasury and I was surprised to see this beautiful Treasury by abbagesandkingsArt. My Songline pendant is among all those wonderful pieces. Go and check it out .........

SilverMonk Treasury

As you can tell Charcoal and Orange are my 2 favourite colour combination at the moment.

Thank you cabbagesandkingsArt !

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Up lifting experience

I was contacted by Melissa from the Wesley Mission in Sydney to make some necklaces and badges. It was a very simple commision piece, simply just use their Dove Logo.

The Dove is such a simple and beautiful image. It was a really uplifting experience to make the Dove badges and the necklaces.

I used 1 mm thick sterling silver sheet to cut out the shape and the wing span of the Dove is about 25mm! I also made two different Dove necklaces just to have a different feel of the piece!

Years ago, I took Rod to Wesley Mission's Sunday service in the City for his father's day present and there you go. Who would think that i will have the chance to work with them years later......

Its all good!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cockatoo Island-Biennale of Sydney 08

The 2 weeks school winter break almost zoom passed just like that...........

I am grad that we managed to have a fun trip to the Cockatoo island.
It was a great day out, the weather was fantastic and the kids ran wild on the island, just don't ask me about the art installations.........

well, on the way to one of them, we were warned that it was not child friendly........
The one with the sails were cool, but the kids were warned that "no touching........."
We were closly followed by a lady with a walkie talkie when the kids were a bit over excited about the upside down boomerang boat.......

So we decided it's time to go outside and the kids were having real fun throwing rocks into the harbour!!!

Honestly, Cockatoo Island is full of industrial characters and if you love heavy rusty machinery, it is for you, they are just as good as any art installation.......

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Flashfilm interview

My interview with the Japanese based web magazine Flashfilm is out today. Flashfilm is the online magazine for international fashion and lifestyle. You can see the full interview here.

Many Thanks Flashfilm!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Inner Peace Pendant

As you can see from the slide show, i can not wait to finish the Inner Peace Pendant!
It has three components: the chocolate brown Ebony wooden bead, the sterling silver ring stamped with peace on the inside and of course, the red coral beads!

I did not go to City, but instead i searched through my pieces and bits of sterling silver and found the missing piece, just what i needed.......

I remained very content and happy for the rest of the day!

For a change , i use a Spanish marble tile as the background for the photo shot.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Etsy Front Page

It is such a nice feeling to wake up with an e-mail from our fellow artist duckduckgoosestuff , she let me know that my Organic Charm earrings is on the Etsy front page this morning........
go and check it out if you are in love with red and coral like me!

Thank you Celesterfrittata for such a beautiful list!

Coral has been my all time favourite for a long time now,
I just can't get enough of the vibrant Red......

Actually, i am making an Inner Peace Pendant with coral as part of the components, just need to finish off with a piece of sterling silver bail.....

( that is something that is missing and i need to go to the metal supplier in the city to get it!)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Nice Surprise!

It was a very nice surprise when i opened our kitchen cupboard the other day and saw these beautiful images dancing on the wall! The images were from the light reflected off the new steel plates (a present).

There was another nice surprise that i kept for a little while now, Ok, Ok, it was only 2 weeks. I was approached by a Japanese web magazine called flashfilm and they wanted to interview me...........
They are based in Japan, but the website is in English. I was really impressed by their graphic interface as well as the content!

It took way longer for me to do the interview than to design my new Retro Ring........
My reply is very short, way too short and it's just me.
Its all good and i will post it here when it is out on the net.

My new Reto Ring