Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Nice Surprise!

It was a very nice surprise when i opened our kitchen cupboard the other day and saw these beautiful images dancing on the wall! The images were from the light reflected off the new steel plates (a present).

There was another nice surprise that i kept for a little while now, Ok, Ok, it was only 2 weeks. I was approached by a Japanese web magazine called flashfilm and they wanted to interview me...........
They are based in Japan, but the website is in English. I was really impressed by their graphic interface as well as the content!

It took way longer for me to do the interview than to design my new Retro Ring........
My reply is very short, way too short and it's just me.
Its all good and i will post it here when it is out on the net.

My new Reto Ring


mdk jewelry designs said...

congrats on being interviewed. that is wonderful news. i can not wait to read it.

i love the retro ring. very, very nice.

i am sorry to hear that you and your family have been struck by the flu. and that youngman, had a trip to the er. that can be scary.

Sophie said...

I love the photo.
and many, many congratulations on the interview, that's wonderful. You deserve it!

msbelle said...

Oh how exciting!!! That's terrific!

As always, your jewelry speaks volumes!

SilverMonk Design said...

Thank you everybody for your kind words!
The interview comes as a real surprise, i will let you know when its all out in the open!

Les' Silver said...

The more I wear your retro ring, the more I love it!
Got a great idea,I put a silver chain through the ring the other day by accident, guess's not just a ring anymore, can be such a lovely pendant too!
But it's a bit small for me, thinking you might want to try sth similar to the ring & go wild, the way I look at it...more like a cloud hanging in front of my with me?