Thursday, July 24, 2008

Web banner

SilverMonk Web Banner

I have been contemplating of redesign my web banner for a while now. My style have been changed or should I say "evolved" quite a bit since i first started. I found out from Etsy forum that you can use power point to made a web banner, and here it is!

After i uploaded my web banner to my site and have a peek at the Etsy Treasury and I was surprised to see this beautiful Treasury by abbagesandkingsArt. My Songline pendant is among all those wonderful pieces. Go and check it out .........

SilverMonk Treasury

As you can tell Charcoal and Orange are my 2 favourite colour combination at the moment.

Thank you cabbagesandkingsArt !


msbelle said...

Oh, what a lovely treasury!

mdk jewelry designs said...

i love your new web banner. it fits your style very well. good job.

the sand that you used is a phenomenal orange color. orange is becoming one of my favorite colors, as well.

SilverMonk Design said...

Thanks Misti!

The sand is from central Australia, very red orange indeed!