Saturday, October 27, 2007

I am on MINTD front page!

It's about time to have one of my items made the front page, among other talented crafters! Now i would said justice has been served..( just kidding!)
Can you see it? The desert mitif pendant is right on the top right hand corner..
Its all fun!
Have a nice weekend, my friend!


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wonderful beads

I was on a big spending trip today and guess what ?! I did not even leave my apartment .... All i did was sitting in front of my beloved imac and scrolled through the Etsy handmade website and found all this beautiful beads! I did not even show all the beads that i got from there.........

I am so happy......(the australian dollar is on record high and i just took advantage of it....)

The African beads are from Kenya via Beads4you

The BHG Spangled discs--Summer linens from bluhealer

The Glass Gypsy - Guys do listen (8) , Borosilicate (Boro) Lampwork Beads from Glass Gypsy

The Red Coral Flattened Ovals from Lilly's Bead Boxy

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Desert Motif Cuff

Desert Motif Cuff, originally uploaded by silvermonk.

The school holiday is over. I finally got sometimes to sit down on my bench and work on this desert motif cuff! It has been sitting in my head for a long time and i am really happy the way it turns out!
It forms part of my desert motif series which includes the desert motif ring and the desert motif pendant.

The desert motif series is about the memory of one's journey through the wilderness.

It looks great on both man and woman.

I like to wear them with my other bangle pieces and together they make a great sound!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cool Toys!

It might look like one of Gabriel's toys but in fact it is a sustainable car ! What I like about it is its cool form, very pleasing to the eye. Who say you can't look all beautiful and be responsible to the enviroment at the same time!

It is not just a bucket that you see here, but a bucket full of sunlight collected during the day. What a noble idea! ( how come i didn't think of it?) It is a solar powered energy bucket . Love the colour.

And, yes ! I will have my market gig as usually at Kirribilli Art and Design Market this Sunday. Come and have a chat if you are in Sydney !


Monday, October 08, 2007

aerial acrobatics

aerial acrobatics, originally uploaded by silvermonk.

It's been the second week of the school holidays. Young Gabriel's been busy having a quality time with his Lego toys, flying them around and making up stoys and conversations as he went! The first week just glided through without a trace. We went to see one of the free aerial acrobatics performance in the new Carriageworks space and that was cool, we both enjoyed it.

And of couse the big event is his Birthday party in the Park on the weekend. ( we rescheduled due to his winter flu) I baked the chacolate brownie birthday cake in between the air breaks of the Wallabies quarter final against England in the Rugby Wrold Cup.......

We lost in the end, but the chacolate brownie was a sucess and the party went on....

A bigs thanks for all his friends for making the day special and of course all the presents that he received!