Monday, October 08, 2007

aerial acrobatics

aerial acrobatics, originally uploaded by silvermonk.

It's been the second week of the school holidays. Young Gabriel's been busy having a quality time with his Lego toys, flying them around and making up stoys and conversations as he went! The first week just glided through without a trace. We went to see one of the free aerial acrobatics performance in the new Carriageworks space and that was cool, we both enjoyed it.

And of couse the big event is his Birthday party in the Park on the weekend. ( we rescheduled due to his winter flu) I baked the chacolate brownie birthday cake in between the air breaks of the Wallabies quarter final against England in the Rugby Wrold Cup.......

We lost in the end, but the chacolate brownie was a sucess and the party went on....

A bigs thanks for all his friends for making the day special and of course all the presents that he received!

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msbelle said...

Happy Birthday Gabriel!!! It looks like he had a fun time!!