Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pure Metal, Pure Joy

By now you should know that i love my spiral, i just can't stay away from spiral, It is such a timeless symbol!
It is fun to make and i can assure you that it is fun to wear too!
With a bit of patina and polish, it catches the light beautifully.

Oh My Goodness!

This pair of earrings has been recycled and soldered together from bits and pieces cut out from my other projects and it all came alive under the intense fire........
It is so unique and full of character.
I love this a lot, the texture and the organic feel of it.

That is what keeps me going back to my work bench day in and day out!

Purely inspired by the metal strip that i just got. I was going to get something narrower for something else but they running of the stock, so i said i will take that.....!

It can't wait to came out of my hands and made its presence.
I suppose the metal spoke very strongly, with a cool and industrial accents......

I need to warn you that i have another pair of spiral theme earrings sitting on my work bench waiting to be photographed.
I promise you it won't be boring.
i will post it here when its done. be continued.......


Here it is, i hope it all worth the waiting!

I have this little fine silver spiral charm from the Hill tribe ( Thailand) a while back.
They are small and densely pact.
I am happy with the way my chunky hammered curve ( oxidized sterling silver) complement them!


msbelle said...

All these pieces are fantastic!

Les' Silver said...

Hey Chimin,
I am your neighbour now, come & check it out, quiet similar to the Chinese one, but great to finally have a blog that can share with all my friends here...


SilverMonk Design said...

Thanks Ginger!

Les' Silver said...

question, how can I have a slid show photo album like yours?
also, am coming to the Kiribilli markets next month again, any chance that you can bring me the new ring, Pleaseeeeee