Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thank God........

..........there is light at the end of the tunnel!

The silvermonk family has been struck down with winter flu and end up with the youngman in the Emergency room (RPAH )in the middle of the night last week. It was just a flu that came without a warning and attacking the respiratory system, he couldn't breathe! ( it didn't help when he had a mint ice-cream before dinner; just after his music class......)

Luckily, the hospital is just a few traffic lights away and Mr.Silvermonk gone through them without a blink! We were almost the only patient there, considering it is situated in the centre of the city and next to the University ( it was Tuesday night and the city was just recovered from the weekend, the doctor said the business will pick up later the week!). The doctors were so attentive and cracking joys and adminstrative medicine at the same time. It is the same hospital where youngman was born! We were well looked after then and i just think that they are the best .

We went home in the morning with another dose of medicine to take later and angels on our shoulder!

Apart from the hospital adventure, what i also want to tell you is this beautiful table lamp that I got from the Market!

I did a trade with Simon who design this beautiful table lamp that use recycle material and all clicked together without using a screw or nail. This is the first time i trade with another fellow marketer and i love it!

It took my memory back to the late 60s when i was living in our ancestral village in the island off Mainland China. I used to take fire wood to the near by fishing port and waiting for the fishing boat to come in. I had my two hands full of fire wood and traded for fishes from boat to boat........


It was a bit cold and rainy in last weekend's market, but i have a lot of lovely visitors and one of them is Leslie and her friend.

Leslie has an amazing blog where she show case her treasured jewelrys that she sought out from all around the world.........

Her support and appreciation of artistic handmade jewelry is incredible and i am sure there's a lot more out there.......

Thank you again for all my customers in last weeks market, i have a really good time!


msbelle said...

Oh my, Chimin!! I know you guys must have been so scared! Thank goodness he will be ok. Tell him that Kevin and I are thinking about him and all of you and we are sending all the good vibes we can to you! I hope all is well very soon. Take care!

SilverMonk Design said...

Thanks Ginger and Kevin! He is feeling so much better now. It was a bit scary experience and you can never really off guard when you have young children......I am putting in lunch order( hot food) for him every day to keep his energy level up during winter. Good news is winter break is on its way ( in 2 weeks time).