Friday, January 18, 2008

Gabriel's Piano Practice

I practice using the video feature on the new Camera while Gabriel practice his piano.......

The recording sounds( piano ) pretty good. Gabriel said it sounds a bit like computer, and Dad said it chops off the high and low frequency ( what would i know about music!), but I am a bit let down by the quality of the video, it looks much better on our iMac.
In the end, it is still amazing without going through You tube!


msbelle said...

HOLY COW!!! That's absolutely AMAZING!!! How old is this boy again?? About 13??? He plays fantastic!! Was he born with the ability to play like that? Did he learn everything from lessons? You can tell he has the ear for it. His technique is outstanding. I mean, I'm thoroughly impressed, can you tell?!!

I was a music major in college (for what little that's worth!). I played oboe, flute, piano (some and not to the extent Gabriel does already!), guitar and sang. He's amazing for his age, heck for ANY age! I have to show this to Kevin to get him off his butt playing video games and into something constructive like this. I want so much for Kevin to learn piano. Gabriel is a natural. Kevin may struggle a bit. But wow, I'm just blown away.

It was great to hear your voices, what little I did hear them. It brings us even that much closer together, even while being oceans away.

Chimin, I'm amazed. Tell him that!

SilverMonk Design said...

Thanks Ginger! I think the young man do have a bit of natural ability in music. He first passion is guitar play since he's 1/12, that was when we knew he's got good rhythm.

Like any other 6 years old, he loves playing computer games too.....too much sometimes.
I am sure Kevin has got your musical genes!
I love the sound of flute, i can almost hear it now...

Music is food to the soul, who can live without it?!