Friday, April 27, 2007

Creative Process

I am not very good at verbalizing my creative process because I would not have a clue what I am going to make until i sat down with materials and indulge myself in the process. This morning I sat down on my work bench and decided to make something out of the leftover sterling silver bits and pieces and some beads! I started to fiddle around and come up with some idea. I then engaged myself in a bit of sweat sawing and sanding the piece. Voila! I thought i got something. It remands me of one of the enviromental scuplture that i did. I saw a tree stump in a park, so I just lined up some green leaves that I found on the ground and had them walking all the way back to its branches! A very sad and romantic thought!

But there was something not quite right about it . The flower was working, the leaves and the stump was not too bad, may be it's the hole! It looked like an apple!!

So I came up with another idea and it works! I liked what i saw.........

I will post it once I got a good picture of the finish product.

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