Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My new business card

Last Friday was a stormy day in Sydney. We've been praying for rain and it finally bucketed down like there is no tommorrow. I was bored and decided to redesign my business card. It looks very graphic and trendy.... i think i like the look of it! While in the mist of my creativity, the phone rang and it was from Gabriel's (my five years old) school.......a mother's worse nightmare, i simply forgot to pick him up. I would never think of myself such an irresponsible mother, but it just happened.....
For the next few days or so, I kept revisiting the "Mummy forgot to picked you up!" event and asked for forgiveness. The whole excercise was to let him expressed his feeling ( worried, scared...) and not suppressed it. I just stopped short of asked him to draw about the whole event!

Anyway, to mend the broken trust, i found all this (knee) holes in his jeans and school pants, so i decided to simply hand stitch them back together.

I found the simple act of mending those holes was very healing to me.


msbelle said...

Awww, he'll be all right. And you will too. I can imagine how you felt though. But things happen and everything turned out fine, right?
I like your new business card. Very cool indeed.
And the stitching job is fabulous! Very touching that it was healing for you. I'm sure you're a great mom. :)

SilverMonk Design said...

Thank you, msbelle. Yes, I hope so! The stitching excercise is indeed very good.