Sunday, July 08, 2007

I am back!

I was being wipe out of the earth surface ( going all the way to the moon and back! ), I am not joking. Every time when there was a full moon, i would completely away with the fairy. Since there were two in this month, i found myself go to bed at 8:00pm everynight and my brain just simply shut down.....The good news is I am back and reconnect with the world.

I received this advertising material in the mail lately and instead of putting it in the recycle bin i thought i might upcycle it and made it to little packaging bags for my jewellery.

Here is the new pendant that i made using the Australian Opal. Simple but nicely balanced with the hollow square shaped sterling silver.

1 comment:

msbelle said...

Lovely set! I love Australian opal. Especially Lightning Ridge Opal!
Would love to see your packaging with this!