Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Potato Sprouting

potato sprouting, originally uploaded by silvermonk.

I 've been out of action ( from the computer screen ) for few days because of the migraine headache. I normally don't take any pain killler and just have lots of cold and hot showers. Believe it or not , i almost flooded the bathroom. There has been lots of rain lately so i can have as many hot showers as i like!

My potato is sprouting and that is my first step to fill the balcony with vegetables. I think i need to transfer the sprouting potato to a big sack.....

Next week is going to be very busy, Young Silvermonk is turning 6 and we are going to have a big party in the park, any game suggestions for 6 yrs old will be much appreciated, he is going for his first grade piano exam, piano concert and the last game of the Soccer season. He's been awarded student of the week for being a good role model to others. We are really proud of him!

I am really happy that my new heart shell designs doing well in the shop. I am having a few new ideas about my pebbly design
as well.....



msbelle said...

Hi there! It sounds like your boy is a real young gentleman with a good head on his shoulders. I'm thinking about getting piano lesson for Kevin. He seems interested now and thought I might give it a go. Tell yours 'Happy Birthday' from me & Kevin all the way up here from the U.S.!! :)

SilverMonk Design said...

Thanks very much! He is indeed a very good boy with commom sense! I think Kevin will enjoy the piano lesson. I remembered that Kevin was deeply touch by the music of Enya!