Saturday, September 22, 2007

Rosie Rat's dog is good because......

"....he saved them from the scary plant and they gave him a garden." Well i am very impressed with how much Gabriel has learned since he started Kindy.(he even passed his 1st grade piano Exam). And it all comes down to the supportive school enviorment and the amazing job that his class teacher has done, day in and day out!

And when it comes to the school fund raising, alll the parents are very supportive and get stuck into it straight away.
Today is the day, I volunteer to run the cake stall in Gabriel's school with other parents. The cake stall is in conjunction with the art show. It is the major fund raising event for the school. I baked some very plain chocolate cupcakes and thought that at the end of the day i might have to buy them back.The other mothers brought hips of beautifully decorated home made cup cakes and we sold them all including mine.

Mr. Silvermonk was handed the job to run the BBQ with a few other Dads.
As an Aussie man, he instinctively knew his job and cooked up a few hundred sausages in no time and sold them all as well.
What a fantasic day......

Now the kids will have their creative writing program and gymnastic class next term....just kidding!


msbelle said...

How great! Love the artwork they did. So far in Kevin's kindy all they have done is get in trouble. I'm getting a bit concerned about it. He's not progressing like I think he should be. And he's not having much fun either. I don't see him doing artwork things like this and I'm sad about that. Gabriel is lucky. I may have to ask about his curriculum.
(Great cupcakes too!)

SilverMonk Design said...

Yes, we are very lucky that he has a very good teacher! ( she is always availabe to talk to if we have any concern).They don't have any yellow card or red card, but they do have quiet corner. The first term is all about settle in and feel safe and relax and if they are happy they will learn....They learn one letter a week and bring home a reader each night.

The school that he went to is a small local school and the kindy and year one share a playground. ( the bigger boys are not allowed in the kindy's playground).

They also have a buddy system- pair them with older boys to help them familiar with the school!

It took Gabriel a good 4 weeks to relax into the system.

Hope that helps!