Tuesday, April 29, 2008

2008 Winter Collection 1

I definitely not trying to confuse people, but it is winter here down under and i have my eyes on this beautiful wooden beads for a while now.
The temperature start dropping outside and apart from feeling like hugging a cup of hot chocolate, i remembered the delicious brown, chocolate kind of colour Ebony beads and rush in to get some supply. Inspired by this new wooden beads, i incorporated them with some of my designs from other pieces........

There you go, my first winter collection!
They are now available in Beehive Gallery (443 King street, New Town, Sydney), and Etsy.

Spiral Stud Earrings

Spiral Heart Ebony pendant

more to come!


msbelle said...

Beautiful pieces! You have a great collection started!

You're getting cold down under and we're getting hot up here. I just find that fascinating for some reason.

On Monday there were tornadoes in the area and some hit pretty hard up in Virginia further up the east coast. There was a tornado warning here in Charlotte and at my son's school they had to do their tornado drill for real! They all went out into the hall, ducked down and covered their heads. It's really scary when I hear him come home with tales like that. Luckily no tornado occured here, but in Virginia they were not as fortunate. While all this was going I was sitting here totally unaware there was even a warning! I was just in awe of the storm that was approaching, never knowing there might bring a tornado. I guess I should at least have a radio on I suppose! :[

SilverMonk Design said...

Thanks Ginger!
It is fascinating indeed, I got to see all the snow scenes from your part of the world.

We heard about the tornadoes on the TV news here, I just did not realised that was so close to where you live.

Glad that it did not post any damage.