Friday, May 30, 2008

2008 Winter Collection 4

If you love retro, this is for you!

I have been wanting to incorporate the phrase " All is well " in my jewelry design for a long time now. ( sounds like very bad grammar, but you know what i mean!). The design just came to me when i got this beautiful, rich, chocolate brown Ebnoy wood.
It's simple, clean and modern, very Retro, just how i like it!

The Phrase " All is well " is from St Julian of Norwich, a thirteenth Century nun who had an extra-ordinary experience at the age of 30.

In one of her many visions at that time she beheld a tiny mustard seed in the palm of her hand and realized that if God ceased loving that seed for even an instant it would spontaneously disintegrate, and so does the universe.

It is about reassurance.
After all, it is love that bind us all together and in the end........

All is well!


msbelle said...

Oh what a lovely story. I've never heard it before. It's so true.

I love your new winter collection. Very unique as is all your jewelry!

SilverMonk Design said...

I love the story too.
It was Mr.Silvermonk who told me.

My winter collection is still coming, all inspired by the new Ebony wood that i discover!