Saturday, December 06, 2008

Best Ever........

The Finders Keepers Market was the best market i've ever participated in.
Lots of cool stalls, 10 minutes walk from our place, all the neighbours were there and every single one of the young and old handmade groovy people from Sydney were all there, even a lady from Chicago was there and got a present from my stall for her daughter, I was busy..... very very busy and tired and happy!

The organizers should be congratulated on putting such a wonderful and successful market!

The best part of it was seeing all these people with a beer or wine in hand while relaxing, browsing and supporting handmade!

See more of the photos of the night!


Les' Silver said...

Hey Chimin,
Long time no chat, how are you?
I've been tight up in work lately, It's just out of control,been working over weekends this past month. It's alway the busiest time leads up to Xmas for us, but this sign of recession in our business...& Of course I missed out a lot of cool markets...any chance that there'll be another Finders Keepers markets again?
Hope can chat to you in one of this cool places soon...

SilverMonk Design said...

No sign of recession is good news.
I was thinking of you and thought that you may be overseas!

I think the Finders keepers market only held twice a year. ( I will let you know next time when its on. They used to be the Hope Street market.)

There is a young blood market in the Power House Museum this weekend????! Should be good.

I will be in Kirribilli market this coming Sunday