Sunday, January 24, 2010

Prince William Visiting Down Under

Prince William was in our neighbourhood the other day visiting Redfern.
We were there of course.......

Uncle Max was there to hold the smoking ceremony!
The Prince went inside the Redfern Community center to have a cup of tea with the Aboriginal elders, read story and played table tennis with the kid. He made a good impression on his visit.

Uncle Max came over for a cup of tea tonight and said he can sense a good spirit in Prince William when he shook his hand. I think this is the best compliment the Prince or anyone can have......

I hope Uncle Max will be invited to his Wedding one day!

With the Loyal on our door steps, 2010 looks promising!

See more photos here


Les' Silver said...

Hey ChiMin,
About you new piece the 'ring to be', I would just leave it as it is, a simple & graceful pendant...
also have you considered turning this into a cuff or even a bangle, if yes, I want to one:)
Let me know


SilverMonk said...

Hi Leslie,
happy new year!
Thank for your comment on the new design.
I was thinking of just leave it as a pendant as well,
it just feels right as it is........
I am really grateful for your comment and it just confirm my feeling!
I am sure will make a cuff ( need to get the material from city) and let you know!