Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shaun the Sheep and his friends

Man! I did not know that Shaun the Sheep is so well loved around the globe!
I thought it was only happening in the house of Silvermonk! Youngman and his Dad really enjoy watching the show. They have a good time laughing their head off.

While I was making this pair of earrings........

Shaun the Sheep and his friends just jump out of my hands and here they all are.........
They put smile on my face!

The moral of the story is " I need to loosen up a bit more and have a laugh ever now and then........."


mdk jewelry designs said...

we are a like! i am constantly reminding myself to loosen up a bit. i worry about EVERYTHING too much.

i am going to show the boys your interpretation of shaun the sheep. they will love it!

SilverMonk Design said...

Life is supposed to be fun, you know!
We have to do ourselves a favour!

msbelle said...

These are so fun!!

I've never seen Shaun the Sheep before but will go to the link and see what it's all about!