Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I have to admit i was off balance a bit lately. With the country flooding in the North and bush fire in the South we all feel the hit......

With a brand new Market coming up this Sunday, I sit myself down on the workbench and slowly get into creative mode again.

It's a bangle with hammered butterfly wings as a focal and a freeform organic shape that can be adjust slightly.
The 3mm thick square wire made it quite a substantial piece.

I also made a matching ring. The photo is taken just after the soldering and i love the rustic feel of it........

The new Eveleigh Artisan Market is just around the corner from where i live.
I am really looking forward to this Sunday!


mdk jewelry designs said...

I love this piece, the ring is my favorite!

I wish you much luck this weekend.

I hope the area around you recovers soon.

take care.

Candace said...

What a wonderful idea for a piece...the butterfly made me think of spring.

Hope you're finding your balance and being creative at the bench. :)

SilverMonk said...

Thanks girls!
The market went really well for me. I have a lot of good chats to customers and locals.

Les' Silver said...

OMG! I found something I want again...the new ring & its matching paendant, or the other way big is the pendant? I want something like that in a real big scale...let me know when is your next markets run, we can have a chat about it!


SilverMonk said...

Hi Leslie,
The pendant is 20mm x 40mm.
I will be in Kirribilli Market this Sunday.

Hope to see you there!