Sunday, February 01, 2009

Red coral: My stone

School started.
Music class is back on the radar.
New soccer season is registered.
And I am back to my Blogland and work Bench

It is amazing how much we organise our time around the school term these day!

My are now in Australian dollars, which made it easy for my Aussie customers. You can still pay by other currency if you wish and there is a currency converter on the site.

This new pair of Fancy coral earrings are perfect for

Happy Chinese new year!
The year of OX!


mdk jewelry designs said...

I have missed you, darling. It is hard for me to understand that school in Australia is different than here. We start school in August have a couple of days off for Thanksgiving, have two weeks off for Christmas and go back right after the new year, then they have a week off for Spring break and then he is out in May.

We signed John up for soccer on Saturday and Gust will help coach. I guess I need to learn what soccer is all about.

My sister played when we were young, but, I do not remember one thing about it. :)

Take care and glad to see you back. Can not wait to see what you create next.

SilverMonk Design said...

Hi Misti,

I check your blog all the time, know you've been busy!
We have 4 terms per year. And we are jusst back from the summer, Christmas and new year break.

We can compare notes on soccer now......

mdk jewelry designs said...

I know nothing about soccer. Well, I know the ball is round with some white & black patches. I know there is a big goal on either end. The rest is "Greek to me."