Friday, October 09, 2009


October is a busy month and SYDNEY INTERNATIONAL FOOD FESTIVAL is here!
There are a lot of food events around town and I am gladly invite you to the "OUR COMMUNAL TABLE" -A FOOD for PEACE EVENT in our neighbourhood. I've cut and paste their media release below:

"Dear Friends and Happy Gardeners,

We, at the Custodians Garden, are very excited about OUR COMMUNAL TABLE - a FOOD for PEACE event at the Sydney Morning Herald's Sydney International Food Festival.

Our Communal Table is a festive Sunday family lunch to celebrate Mother Earth's generosity and the farmers, producers, and culinary artisans who enrich our community.

The kitchen team, lead by Executive Chef Amanda Young, the first Australian and the first woman to ! win the Mondial des Chefs de Collectivities en Autogestion trophy in Paris, and Indigenous chef Matthew! Cribb, a recent delegate to Slow Food International's Terra Madre in Italy, will create a grand family feast using surplus produce collected from producers, providores, and restaurants across Sydney.

FRESHWATER will uplift our spirits with their traditional and contemporary Aboriginal songs. Children will enjoy activities especially designed for them.

You will also hear the first hand experiences from some of our project partners, including Indra and Khadijah owners of the Jungle Inn, in Bukit Lawang, North Sumatra, and Carol Pringle, Founder of Natural Steps Pre-School in the Hunter Valley.

OUR COMMUNAL TABLE is one of the main ingredients in our PEACE CANOE PROJECT. People of all ages and from all cultures are invited to this convivial celebration. When we come together in peace, exchange stories, connect with the land, and share a meal, something beautiful happens, we discover, nurture and celebrate our sameness and uniqueness.

TIME & DATE: 12pm. Sunday, 18 October 2009

VENUE: Yaama Dhiyaan, 255 Wilson Street, Darlington NSW 2008

COST: Adult $50.00 Children $25.00

BOOKINGS/ENQUIRIES: Robyn: 0401.839.888 E:

Also, if you would like to join us and contribute as an EVENT PARTNER and as part of the Kitchen and Media Team, feel free please contact me: 0401.839.888

We look forward to sharing yummy food, fun and laughter with you on Sunday.

Have a happy weekend.


Hope to see you there!



msbelle said...

I wish I could go and see you there! It sounds like so much fun!

SilverMonk said...

I will take some photos for you on the day, Ginger.

They are (Custodians Garden) just beautiful people and to be part of the event is really an honour......