Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ranger's apprentice

Ranger's apprentice, originally uploaded by silvermonk.

For the Halloween Day in school.
"Ranger's apprentice",Youngman's new favourite book series.
( We are just happy that he finished with the Star Wars theme and on to something new......)

Youngman found the bed sheet
Mum made the bow,
Dad sharpened the arrow
Mum & Dad cut and hand sew the hood,( while the sewing machine sitting on the stairs from last Christmas, still in the box.........)

All happened at 7:00am ready for school at 9:00am...........


Janice said...

Great costume and he is a handsome guy! :)

Les' Silver said...

such a cute ranger...
Hey ChiMin I am back, been nearly 3 months since last chatting at the market, I had a month holiday in October, did a round trip in the U.S, enjoyed it so much, almost wanted to cancel my return flight!
Here's my new blog with some photos I took in my trip, hope I get to see you at the markets before Christmas...

SilverMonk said...

Thank s Janice for stopping by!

Hi Lesile, I've checked out your photo site.
I can tell you have a lovely trip!


need2read said...

Nice! I loved Ranger's Apprentice. And I love Star Wars, too!