Saturday, March 08, 2008

Gabriel Play Harmonica

He's got music in his body and it comes out every now and then......
He grabbed his christmas present and off he went.....
( this was probably his second or third time pick up the instrument)

We both were amazed and enjoyed his free spirit with his music.

Hope you enjoy it too and have a nice weekend form all of us!


msbelle said...

His innate talent is amazing. You're right. He's got the music in him!

Kevin has a harmonica too and loves to play around with it. It's just one of those fun instruments that you can have a good time with!

Tell Gabriel that when he gives his first big concert someday (maybe even at the Sydney Operahouse!), that Kevin and I want front row tickets!! :D

SilverMonk Design said...

Harmonica is definitely a charming instrument!
No problem , for sure, we will reserve the front row tickets for you both!