Monday, March 24, 2008

Guess what i found?

on Bronte beach......

I've never seen such a big Octopus in real life in the wild.
It was just a stone throw from where we dug and built our sand castles, amazing!

At one point, my survival mode kicked in and the memory of my childhood catching crabs in the mangrove got hold of me and i really wanted to take the big thing home for dinner!!!!!

I came back to reality when Mr. Silvermonk gently reminded me that it is a protective area and that we can have fish and chips for dinner from our favourite shop across the road!

I remember once when my Mum came to Sydney and I took her to the local Park to feed the ducks ( with Gabriel). She was so excited that the first thing came out her mouth was " the duck was so big , let's take one home for soup". The next thing i saw her, she 's already caught one with her quick reflex...... I was in shock, embarrassed and had to say "let it go Mum, it's against the law, we can have a roast duck from China town for dinner!"

We will be in real big trouble if we only see the environment as a "resources" and not a source for wisdom and inspiration!

At least for now we know that the beach is healthy and that is one of the very good things to celebrate in Easter!


msbelle said...

I bet your mum could have made a heck of a soup from that duck!! That's funny!

So many animals have gone the way of the buffalo (and inumerable other extinct creatures) that it's not even funny. The one creature that is *going* to be extinct and probably *should* be extinct as a result of such bad caretaking of mother earth is *us*. We kill and mame everything from whales to polar bears to seals to tigers and on and on and it just needs to stop. I can understand having no choice but to live off the land and sustain yourself on what's available to you, but to wipe out entire species (or close to it) for things like rhino horns for aphrodisiacs or blubber from whales or fur from the big cats and the seals when it's not a necessity but just for greed and money...well, we need to think long and hard before we revert back to such 'uncivilized' behavior or we're going to kill off ourselves in the process.

Can you tell I get just a little bit 'hot' when I talk about these things?!! I'll hush!

msbelle said...

Oh, and don't even get me started about the cutting down of the world's trees!!!

SilverMonk Design said...

We should all get very hot very very hot when we talk about these things!!!!!!To show that we care!

I totally agree with you, Ginger!