Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour.......

It was Earth hour last night from 8:00pm to 9:00pm. We were watching TV as usual and Gabriel reminded us that it was time for "Earth hour". We turned off all the light except the digital light from the washing machine and it was all dark and scary for the young man.

We all went to bed early ( Gabriel was excited because he got to stay in our bed!) with Mr.Silvermonk playing guitar and the Young man declared: " Nothing is going to stop me from doing Nothing...." and then he made up a very fast tempo song. Well, it was rather philosophical, a wake up call for all of us. i don't know how he work out the conundrum.

And i hope we bloody will do something now! If we are not willing to sacrifice now, his generation will suffer the consequences.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Guess what i found?

on Bronte beach......

I've never seen such a big Octopus in real life in the wild.
It was just a stone throw from where we dug and built our sand castles, amazing!

At one point, my survival mode kicked in and the memory of my childhood catching crabs in the mangrove got hold of me and i really wanted to take the big thing home for dinner!!!!!

I came back to reality when Mr. Silvermonk gently reminded me that it is a protective area and that we can have fish and chips for dinner from our favourite shop across the road!

I remember once when my Mum came to Sydney and I took her to the local Park to feed the ducks ( with Gabriel). She was so excited that the first thing came out her mouth was " the duck was so big , let's take one home for soup". The next thing i saw her, she 's already caught one with her quick reflex...... I was in shock, embarrassed and had to say "let it go Mum, it's against the law, we can have a roast duck from China town for dinner!"

We will be in real big trouble if we only see the environment as a "resources" and not a source for wisdom and inspiration!

At least for now we know that the beach is healthy and that is one of the very good things to celebrate in Easter!

Friday, March 14, 2008

New Additions

I am in love with my new hand-forged additions. The fan shape earrings are modern and organic. I especially like the slightly concave shape and the leave shape ear hooks. They really compliment each other! I have two versions~ one is small with mirror finished and the bigger one with matt finished. The small fan shape earrings is available now in my etsy shops.

I also made a matching necklace with turquoise on a snake chain. Its simple and looks fantastic.....
The Fan shape Turquoise necklace is also available from my shop now!

Another new addition to my etsy shop is this gorgeous pair of butterfly earrings. Its light weight and looks cool....

I had a fantastic market last weekend thanks to all the new and old customers ( your support has been much appreciated!).
Here is one of my customers visiting my stall and wearing one of my piece ( one of a kind!) she bought a while back. Does'nt it look gorgeous on her?!

I will be in the Kirribilli market again this month ( Saturday, 29 March) . My stall will be in the tunnel and if you missed out last Sunday, come and check me out.....

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gabriel's Drawing......

Gabriel's Drawing......, originally uploaded by silvermonk.

Gabriel and his Dad went to The Rose Seidler House,designed by Harry Seidler in 1948 for his parents.

He got very excited about doing some sketches of the house.......

what a beautiful sketch!

We made a big fuss whenever Gabriel draws a picture because he is always busy with his Lego toys, his piano and his sports. I myself prefer making things (jewellery) rather than drawing on paper and it's all up to his Dad to encourage him to draw.

I wish i was there. i love looking at open house, the interior and how the space works.
Well, i was having a fantastic day in the Kirribilli art and design market, and i think it is good for them to have a father and son adventure every now and then!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Gabriel Play Harmonica

He's got music in his body and it comes out every now and then......
He grabbed his christmas present and off he went.....
( this was probably his second or third time pick up the instrument)

We both were amazed and enjoyed his free spirit with his music.

Hope you enjoy it too and have a nice weekend form all of us!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Lunch Order

Lunch Order, originally uploaded by silvermonk.

In the last week or so, the young man's school lunch box were untouched. He didn't eat a thing the whole time during school hrs. The sandwich, the drink, the fruit.......
I was a bit unhappy, but didn't say too much apart from the fact that there are a lot of boys in Africa go to school with empty stomach. Being a 6 years old, he replied why didn't we just sent them the food? Good question!

When i was a child about his age and lived in a tropical island in China ( during cultural revolution), i was constantly looking for food in the wild to fill my empty stomach. One of the thing that i did was to set lizard traps on the way to school and checked on them on the way back.......

I tried to pack something different but the lunch box still came back almost untouched.......

So i asked what's going on? Why didn't you eat your lunch?
"I am busy Mum, there is not enough time to play bull rush if i ate my lunch......"

I was fuming, but I told myself that a hungry boy will eat his lunch no matter what and if he didn't, he'S probably not hungry! By the way, he is the tallest boy in his class and looks healthy. I shouldn't worry too much!

Things got a bit out of hand when i picked him up at 3:00 pm the other day, he was so exhausted that he can hardly put a sentence together.
I rushed him home and made him banana smothie and pancakes and preaching him about the fact that his body is running out of energy and he needs to eat his lunch......

The next day, i put in a lunch order ( fish and fries ) for him so that he can at least survived the Karate class after school until 4:30 pm!

I don't know if lunch order is the way to go, but he loves his lunch order though.
To be honest, i don't like sandwich. i like hot food, give me noodles and i will be happy for the rest of my life!